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Facebook。。Update。。13 June 2015

Facebook。。Update。。12 June 2015

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池袋ニコニコ本社サテライトスタジオ「ニコぶくろ」 から公開生放送!



番組サイトはコチラ http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv224401570




SID first went abroad to America for the Convention Acen in 2004 replacing Miyavi after he dropped out.
Acen 2004 was a success despite some problems with...rabid fangirls (someone grabbing Aki's necklace).
The first time they went on Music Station was the same day of Mao's father's birthday.
The first magazine to have SID on the front cover is Hevn.
Back in the indies days SID had no money so they had to sleep outside during their live tour (on the grass).
Mao and Shinji had owned hamsters once.
Shinji and Yuuya used to be drinking partners, to the point where they're compete against who can drink the most.
On their 'play' tour, Mao and Yuuya rented a Ferarri and drove it to Yokohama.
SID's has a back-up keyboardist called Koike.
In 2007 was when SID decided to break into the Jpop scene in order to try and 'stir things up'
6 of SID's singles have reached the top 3 in the weekly oricon singles charts
And also top 50 DVD, SIDNAD vol 6 is at #48 with 17,370! Well Done! XD
The lyrics of 'Namida no ondo' was written from their experience at their first budokan concert.
'Yoshigai Manabu 17 sai (Mushoku)' went on sale at Meguro Rokumeikan.
As for the Chaku-Uta downloads they are #97 (most likely because of the lack of new releases...) 
SID is at #60 for the top artists in the first half of 2011.
One of their live in Asahikawa had them doing a double encore.


Real Name: MasaoYamaguchi (山口 真生)
Stage Name: Mao (マオ)
Nick Name: Maonyan 
Position: Vocalist, Lyrics writer
Birth Date: October 23rd, 1977
Birth Place: Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
Blood Type: AB
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 54kg
Eyesight: 2.5
Shoe Size: 25.5 cm
Cigarettes: Mild Seven Super Lights
Favorite Foods: fuji soba noodle and katsu rice set
Favorite Places: home, Koenji, Ahimokitazawa, Tenjin, on the stage, in water
Favorite Artists: Kiyoharu, Kuroyume, SADS, Shiina Ringo, Yamaguchi Momoe, Malice Mizer, Ozawa Kenji, Inoue Yousui, aiko, BONNIE PINK, SID.
Previous Band: SHULA
Pet: a cat named Maro 
Books: Hitofudegaki no Bigaku (一筆書きの美学 1), Hitofudegaki no Bigaku (一筆書きの美学 2)
Favourite Manga: Sakigake!! Otoko-Juku,Udauda Yatteru Hima wa Nee!, Bukkomi no Taku, Coji-Coji, Dragon Ball.
Favorite Words: wonderful, music, scheme, large serving, glare, allure.
Blog: http://ameblo.jp/maofish/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/mao_sid 
Facts about Mao:
* Mao became friends with UVERworld's Takuya due to an unexpected incident and they email each other frequently.
* Mao has humidifiers everywhere he goes including: hotels, his room, studio and dressing rooms.
* Mao has a collection of leopard-print underwear thanks to fans.
* Mao wrote Utahime in shiritori format (poor guy had to play shiritori by himself XD)
* The lyrics of Nigatsu was actually written for Mao's brother whose wedding was coming up at that time.
* The band Soutaiseiriron, was the first band to have a big impact on Mao since Chatmonchy.
* Mao received a jersey from EXILE during 2009's year-end's countdown TV special which also has his name on it.
* “I want to move the hearts of even more people” – Mao.
* Mao once recieved a concert ticket to see Jin Akanishi from a fan (whether he went or not is a mystery...)
* Mao has collected the whole series of Kaiji.
* Mao's mother ringtone was 'Uso'.
* Mao enjoys watching Western Series/drama like Prison Break.
* Mao had owned hamsters once.
* Mao is always trying to repay her mother for the trouble he cause her in his teens (he's so sweet). * Mao went to Korea for four day for a photoshoot for his book 'hitofudegaki no bigaku'
* Lettuce fried rice is Mao's favorite of all fried rice .
* Mao's mother made tonkotsu ramen and gave some to Yuuya during on of their Yoyogi Live.
* Mao has a fetish for lips - this may be because of his dislike of his own lips in the past.
* When I got kissed on the cheek by Kiyoharu-san, I honestly felt like I was going to collapse (laughs).
* Mao has a weird collection of hats, shoes, bracelets and...more hats
* When he was little, Mao was interested in classical music and started playing the violin.
* During a rehearsal once, Mao got over-excited and ran into the drums.
* Mao has been in the bath for 5 hours before (surely he should shrivel up like a prune? _A_)
* Mao hates Shiitake and losing - he also gets bored of things easily.
* known nicknames for Mao includes: Maonyan, Maofish, Mappi....
* Mao is really afraid of roller coasters and can't ride them.
* Mao has serious love for lolita and bizarre hats, also the girls who is wearing Lolita dress.
* Mao likes shopping the branded goods.
* When their Sleep single was released, Mao set 'sleep' as his ringtone and 'utahime' as his message tone.
*"I'm a simple man whose motivation rises just because our catered food is curry." - Mao
* Mao likes Dragon Ball anime, his favorite character is Vageta because the character is same with him.
* Mao has been to Disneyland with Ryuuji (Zoro).
* When Mao laughs, he is usually seen tilting his head to the left


Real Name: Akihito Ichiki (一木明仁)/ Yoshifumi Ichiki
Stage Names: Aki (明希), also Mimegumi Aki (御恵明希) during SID's early days 
Position: Bassist, Backing Vocal, Composer
Birthday: February 3rd, 1981
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Blood Type: B
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Eyesight: Both 2.0
Shoe Size: 27.0 cm
Favorite Brand: Vivienne Westwood, 20471120, PPFM
Cigarettes: Marlboro lights
Favorite Place: On stage, In own room
Favorite Artists: Lagwagon, Linkin Park, Marilyn Manson, BUCK-TICK, AYA, James Iha of The Smashing Pumpkins, Jimmy Eat World, Stereophonics
Previous Band: RAM∞REM
The Project: In 2012, he joined the Halloween project HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA. 
Pets: a cat named Gin and a dog named Neru
Blog: http://www.barks.jp/users/user/?id=1000088623
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sidaki.official
Facts about Aki:
* Aki becomes destructive when drunk.
* Aki is practically friends with everyone so he will pop in a few other fandoms from time to time.
* Aki is classically trained on the piano, later learning how to play bass as he thought it would be easier to learn than guitar (The first instrument Aki learned how to play was the piano when he was a young child.
* Aki’ parents are great lovers of classical music and his mother thought it would be healthy for him to learn how to play.
* When Aki saw a band perform at school he thought it would be really fun to play in a band, however his mother thought bandmen were a bad influence.
* They also heavily rejected the idea of him playing the guitar.
* Later in middle school a friend of his needed a keyboardist and they asked Aki, Aki accepted and this became his first experience of being in a band.
* In high school he eventually got into the bass because he thought it would be easier to learn than the guitar.
* Aki doesn’t update on his blog anymore as he has his facebook however its still open to browse through his old posts. * He hangs out mostly with Lyu, Yuusei, kenzo & Hitsugi.
* Aki loves Hyde from Vamps & sometimes hangs out with him.
* Aki hates it when he miss spells something.
* Aki also tries to write in different languages on his facebook like English and Mandarin for international fans.
* Aki is known for having a very strong stage presence, however off stage Aki is very shy and withdrawn.
* Aki has many tattoos and piercings (including in left Nipple and Navel).
* Aki's grandma's grave is in Akita.
* One of Aki's bass is called Lynn.
* Aki used to get scolded a lot for practicing his bass at past midnight. 
* Aki drunkenly played his guitar shirtless at Shinji's place once.
* Aki was once presented his own chopsticks at the izakaya he often goes to. * Aki has a 'special skill' of being able to converse with up to three people on call waiting.
* One day Aki decides to go on a trip with his fellow friends to........the onsen!
* Two of Aki's favourite shops are Modern Pirates and Abercrombie & Fitch
* Aki once went to see GLAY live with his mum. * Aki's first bass was a girl's bass because he has/had small hands.
* Aki went to see Lady Gaga once (carrying a ridiculously ginourmous teeth).
* On Aki's guitar in the Mitsuyubi MV you can see a sticker which says 'It's ok to be gay!
* When he was little, Aki wanted to be a doctor because his grandmother was very weak and he wanted to fix her.
* Aki backstage wore his seifuku cosplay.
* known nicknames for Aki includes: Akihito, Akishiko, Pakistan, Sunagimo....
* In kindergarten, Aki opened his front door in time to see his friend get hit by a taxi.... * Aki's favourite place in the Stage and his room but the place he hates is the train.
* Aki had a birthday party and a certain photo with TM Revolution caused many fans squealing. * Aki first decided to form a band when he saw Luna Sea on TV in middle school. * When Aki was little, he lost his swimming trunks in the pool.
* Aki likes Dragon Ball and Yu Yu Hakusho.
* Aki always likes to mess around with his friends - like taking their shoe (Hitsugi's shoe)


Real Name: Shinji Ninomiya (二宮 慎司)
Stage Name: Shinji (ex. しんじ)
Position: Guitarist, Backing Vocal, Composer
Birth Date: December 8, 1979
Birth Place: Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Blood Type: O
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 57 kg
Shoe Size: 27.5 cm
Favorite Artists: BOØWY, Hotei Tomoyasu
Favorite Color: white and green
Perfume: no perfume
Cigarettes: Marlboro
Previous Bands: CRIME, URANUS
Blog: http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/sid_shinji_buriburiblog/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/shinji_sid
Facts about Shinji: 
* Shinji is the only member of SID without a tattoo (yet).
* Shinji loves about Negi. He is a best cook.
* Shnji is really a kid at heart.
* Shinji sometimes play 'dash and go' (to ring the doorbell of random houses and run away immediately) on the way back from home.
* You caught a summer cold. What will you do to recover quickly? Shinji: Wind negi around my head.
* In elementary school Shinji held a Hikaru Genji concert in the carpark of Ito-Yokado - only 5 people turned up...XD
* Shinji recieves lots of Ramen magazines from fans and journalists.
* Shinji recieved a Jimi Hendrix album after requesting for it.
* Shinji once attempted to play his guitar with his teeth.
* Shinji has natuarally wavy hair.
* Rock & Read vol 4 - Shinji riding his bicycle, lambourghini.
* Pets Shinji has kept includes: a dog (chibi), cat (M-chan), Hamster (hamutan), Parrot (Chiiko). * Shinji once went one whole round on the Yamamoto Line with his guitar in his past.
* In 2010 Shinji recieved a battery-powered amplifier from Fernandes Sir KusoO for his birthday
* During graduation, Shinji said he sped away on a stolen bike.
* Shinji writes reviews of ramen restaurant for the ID-S fanclub.
* Shinji bought a DSi LL espeicially for his Dragon Quest 6 game.
* In his high school days, Shinji was said to have the look of a ganguro. =w=
* Shinji used to have a part-time job in telemarketing.
* Shinji has sensitive skin that peels and itches when it gets too dry.
* Shinji has a collection of marker pens which he uses for drawing.
* Shinji once encountered a young male fan who asked him to sign his a thousand yen note.
* Shinji once wrote the word 'meat' on one of the SID members forehead who fell asleep first.
* Shinji had a bicycle named Lamborghini, and the saddle had been stolen once.
* Shinji's first love was his neighbour during kindergarten.
* known nicknames for Shinji includes: Shinshin, Shindi, Cindy, Negilover, Negi God.
* Tomoyasu Hotei-san is shinji fave guitarist.
* Shinji only has/had one really good friend (besides SID) because he finds it necessary to make so many.
* Shinji almost got married once...(this is before SID).
* Shinji can be a really sweet guy <3
* Shinji's parents are big fans of SID, a picture of a 'shrine' for Shinji XD
* Shinji hates Crowds, Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro. * Shinji loves his home, a quiet place, Hotel, anywhere with beautiful night view, Harajuku, Akihabara.
* Shinji never knew buffalo's existed (before the making of Ranbu no Melody, that is).
* When he was little Shinji's dream was to own a Toy Store, but that dream changed frequently .
* When he was Junior high school, Shinji liked Saint Seiya and he had a game that is used in his hand for playing.


Real Name: Yuuya Shirato (白土 友也)
Stage Names: Yuuya (ゆうや), YUYA 
Position: Drummer, Compooser
Birth Date: December 9th, 1981
Birth Place: Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Blood Type: A
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Shoe Size: 27.5 ~ 28.0 cm
Favorite Brand: Gucci, (b)APE, bounty hunter
Favorite Artists: JUDY AND MARY, Shiina Ringo, Mr. Children, Anzen Chitai, Tamaoki Koji
Cigarettes: Mild Seven Star Brand (12mg)
Ring Size: 23
Favorite Color: Red
Previous Bands: Clench Fists, SHULA
Pets: a dog named Shokora
Blog: http://yaplog.jp/410yuyaid-s/
Facts about Yuuya:

*Yuuya once spent 4 hours walking home from Shinnihonbashi
* Yuuya's favourite vegetable is broccoli and he loves adding it to stew
* Yuuya can often be seen abusing a tissue box during comment videos. 
* "To treasure each and every day. Is the theme of my life recently." – Yuuya
* In their first live in Koufu Yuuya couldn't light his cigarette due to the lack of oxygen and humidity.
* Yuuya's mother and little brother are fans of Aki.
* Yuuya's mother's birthday is on the 2nd March.
* Yuuya once dreamt of getting stung by a hornet and then woke up drenched in sweat. * Yuuya had to move out of his previous apartment because he wasn't allowed to keep pets there. * Yuuya's favorite season is winter.
* One of Yuuya's favourite food is crab meat.
* Yuuya once went to see Perfume live.
* Yuuya likes Kamen Rider Ichigo and want to be football player.
* Yuuya is a massive Kamen Rider fan and says actor Fujioka Hiroshi has influenced him alot
* The first song SID released that was written by Yuuya was Hoshi no Miyako.
* Yuuya has fallen from a ladder before .
* Yuuya had tried to quite smoking once (but failed) (I think they should all try to quite smoking...
* Yuuya's first date was in a bookstore.
* Known nicknames for Yuuya includes: Yuyamoto, Yayu, person who's cup ramen doesn't have enough wate.
* Yuuya loves the Bath and hates trains.
* Yuuya's first part-time job was house mover.
* One of Yuuya's hobby is cooking and his best dish is squid stuffed with rice.
* When he was kindergarten, Yuuya really liked Aoki Densetsu! Anime.
* Yuuya received a 'Danger Cone' stamp which he once used to stamp their manager's laptop when he was bored.
* One of Yuuya's favourite movie is "Liar Liar" with Jim Carrey in it.

Credits: @SIDfacts and many more
thx to: Aki KyAni Yoshifumi

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【About】。。明希。。「Aki」 & SID 「シド」


Real Name:Ichiki Akihito

(一木明仁) / Ichiki Yoshifumi

Name: Aki (明希) [also Mimegumi Aki (御恵明希) during SID’s early days]

BirthDay: February 3rd, 1981

Blood Type: B

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 55 kg

Eyesight: Both 2.0

Shoe Size: 27.0 cm

Cigarettes: Marlboro lights

Instrument: Bass

Former member of RAM-REM.

Band: SID (Co-Founder, 2003-present)

From: Tokyo/Kanagawa

Family: Father, Mother

Other Instruments: Piano

Favourite Artists: Lagwagon, Linkin Park, Marilyn Manson, BUCK-TICK, AYA, James Iha of The Smashing Pumpkins, Jimmy Eat World, Stereophonics

Aki’s Blog: http://www.barks.jp/users/user/?id=1000088623

Aki’s Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sidaki.official

Aki’s Instagram: https://instagram.com/sid.aki